I work in the European Commission for the fifth year as a Special Adviser on Foreign Policy to the President of the Commission.

I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science with a specialisation in European Union studies. I also chair the Party Council of the National Coalition Party of Finland. I’m running in the European Parliament elections on May 26th 2019, because I think the European Union does not function in the best possible way.

My opinions in my blog and on my social media channels are my own.

My values

My goal is to work for a better EU in order to build a stronger Europe for everyone. In my opinion, the EU needs to focus on economic, foreign and security policy and the challenges of climate change.

A well-functioning EU that focuses on these most important issues is for the benefit of Finland and all the Finns.

I am a center-right liberal. Western values – democracy, rule of law, equality and human rights – are the foundation of my political thinking.